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Charlie’s just back from the 2014 World Cheese Awards where he was one of the chief Judges.

Close to 2600 entries were staged in a massive 1000m2 area within the main BBC Good Food Show London e-tourisme with judging taking place on the opening day, November 14, in front of wholesale nfl jerseys a live consumer To audience. Our 250 experts from around the world worked in teams of four, identifying medal-winning cheeses through the morning. Each team awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze or ‘no award’ to each cheese on its own merits.

At the end of the morning’s session each team was asked to cheap NFL jerseys select their favourite cheese – the Super Gold.  Those 62 Super Golds were judged again by another jury after lunch and they whittled it down to just 16 cheeses. The final cheap NBA jerseys panel, representing cheap jerseys the four corners of the globe, then decided the World Champion 2014 in front to of a packed consumer and Christmas trade audience. Read more about the winner.

Download all the results and find out which are the best cheeses in the World.

For the first time you can watch all the action on WCA TV (or smellyvision as we call it!) – look out for Charlie T!