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First up – cheese that not only tastes great but it’s easy on the festive wallet too…

  • All Traditional Cheddars news – Quickes, Westcombe and Montgomery – 10% off for members
  • Stilton – 10% off
  • Brie de Meaux – 10% off

Cheesey accompaniments:

  • Extraordinary Pickle, Onion Marmalade, Real Ale Chutney £2.99 instead of £3.85

NEW cheeses on the block

  • Caciocavallo di Bufala  – a big canon ball of a cheeses from buffalo milk, semi soft and tasting 15 like a smooth sweet buffalo mozzarella
  • Buffalo Taleggio-style – it looks like a Taleggio, it taste a bit like a Taleggio, but it tastes richer and creamier. It is to Taleggio what clotted cream is to single cream.  Members are loving it!
  • Blue de Bufala – a very famous relatively new cheese that came second cheap nba jerseys in the World Cheese Awards three years ago.  Cuboid and about the size of a football, ours is not so young and creamy as the nearly world champion, it’s for Christmas those that like a little punch from their blue cheese with character to match.
  • Toma al Tartufo – searching for a cheap jerseys free shipping replacement of the truffle Pecorino that’s been so popular. This cows milk toma from Piemonte comes from close to BRA, the big cheese festival in Europe Charlie went to / last year.  The truffle and savoury cows milk flavours make a punchy and stand out cheese for the cheeseboard
  • Monterosso with truffle – another truffle, this time with cow and buffalo mixed milks – they seem to have copied our Wensleydale style! Crumbly and light, with a drifting, lingering finish of mushroom and sweet curd.
  • Gran Kinara – a vegetarian Parmesan-style cheese.  Customers have asked for it and we’ve finally found one we like from the Fiandino family living in the Alps of Northern Italy.  They use the all natural thistle, common in Charlie Italy and Spain.  Do a taste challenge in store and see if you can spot the slight, but very enjoyable slight, vegetal difference
  • Ol Sciur Via Lattea – probably the most characterful cheese in the counter right now.  A blue goats cheese with a berries, including blackcurrant, pressed on its rind.  A pleasure and a talking point, try it when you pop in.  cheap mlb jerseys You might love it or not, but it’s what Turnbulls is all about – the new, the obscure and the fabulous!
  • Melanotyria – goat and sheep milk cheese from Naxos – we have a 20 month version.  Whole it cheap nba jerseys looks a little like a dropped sack of grain, slightly terra cotta in colouration.  it has so many flavour characteristics, it’s like once of those kaleidoscopes you had as a kid that turned and the colours and lights kept changing.  Herbs, dry summer flowers, grains, they are all there.
  • Graviera – this is new to us entirely, Graviera is probably a corruption of the Swiss cheese Gruyere and the Greeks apply it to many quite different cheeses.  Ours is a goats milk.  Notes from our original tasting say “sweet start, caramelised finish, sherberty in the middle?”!  We missed out that it has sheep’s milk sweetness with a gravelly texture and savouriness – but we’re happy if H?matologie you just say its really nice!