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Yet again, Turnbulls will be hosting events as part of Shaftesbury Fringe – make sure the dates are in your diary as it’s always a huge amount of fun and entertainment with 40 unique venues and an exciting mix of performances!  Find out more about the Shaftesbury FRINGE AWARDS

Do take a look at the FRINGE CALENDAR to help you plan what’s on and where…


Friday 30th June

5pm – Jacob Hulland, Absurdities from an Armchair (comedy)

Saturday 1st July

11am – Phillip Seely, Gavin and Greenknighte (reading)

[London, New Year’s Eve 1963. A Bank’s festive dinner is thrown into confusion by a stranger, dressed in green leathers, who roars up to the high table on a 650cc Norton motorcycle and challenges anyone with enough courage to behead him with the giant axe he carries, on condition they seek him out in a year’s time to receive a similar blow. Only Gavin has the nerve to accept the challenge. The events of this night and Gavin’s journey to find Greeneknighte a year later are narrated as an after dinner entertainment on a New Year’s Eve river cruise with a party of bankers in the present day. Gavin’s journey into the mountains of North Wales, his meeting with Lord Bertilak, whose beautiful wife tries to tempt him from his path, and the final encounter at the Green Chapel with Greeneknighte are all described by the enigmatic storyteller, Henley, before a natural disaster, a powerful tidal surge, brings the evening to an apocalyptic conclusion. In Philip Sealey’s modern recasting of the medieval poem, Sir Gawain and the Greene Knighte, the original themes of honesty, promise-keeping and the cyclical power of nature are shown to be our own, everyday concerns.]

3pm – Sebastian Hayes, Transmissions from the Future (comedy)

[Repeating last year’s Transmissions from the Future  based his unfinished SF novel The Web of Aoullnnia ― but with a different excerpt read and presumably different questions from the audience addressed to Yilkin I. Isellyion via a space-time link on Saturday 1st July at 4 pm. The second will be a play reading of his One Act psychological thriller Besieged at Turnbull’s again on Sunday 2nd July at 11am]

4:45pm –  Jacob Hulland, Absurdities from an Armchair (comedy)

6pm – Sam Fraser, Good Things Will Happen (comedy)

Sunday 2nd July

2pm – Hummingbird, Accoustic (music – folk)

3pm – Sebastian Hayes, Besieged (reading)